Core Values

Every organization has a culture. Christian organizations must strive for our culture to match the teachings of Christ. The following core values are areas where we have dedicated ourselves to conforming our actions as a church and individuals to following Jesus Christ. They are the beating heart of how we live out our faith in him. 

Spirit of Honor

We honor God and people in all of our actions, behaviors, and words. 

Honor and respect for God are important parts of the Christian life. This does not mean we are a dour people, whose reverence has drained them of joy. Rather it means we live our lives so that they reflect well on the creator whose name we carry.

Building Relationships

We connect people to Christ through fellowship, ministry, and acts of compassion. 

The Church is far more than a group of people commemorating the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. The Church is a new family for Christians. The relationships among church members is one of the greatest sources of help, joy, and growth for Christians. We build and nurture these relationships not only because of the good they bring us but also because we are commanded by Christ to love one another.

Community Compassionate

We believe in generously serving the spiritual desires and physical needs of people in our community.

Every local church exists as part of its local community and culture. Our highest task as Christians, indeed it is our only task, is to live sacrificially for God and the people around us. We do this in our community first by telling others how much God has done for us through Jesus Christ. We also do this by caring for those in our community who are in physical or emotional need.


We encourage connecting with all generations to bring the message of hope to all people.

Christ has called many people to himself in the millennia since he was raised from the dead. Part of our task as Christians is to learn the lessons from those saints who have come before us and teach those lessons to those saints who will follow after us. This not only strengthens the Church but also strengthens the relations between our members, helping us to care for everyone, from the youngest child in the nursery to the oldest saint sitting in the pews.

Global Impact

We endeavor to fulfill the Great Commission of Christ to spread the gospel to all nations.

Though much of our work takes place among our local community we also realize that there are many across the globe who have far less, spiritually and materially, than our neighbors in the states. As such we support evangelism efforts and compassion efforts across the globe so that anyone in any country has a chance to hear the good news of Christ's resurrection and be fed in his name.