Online Giving Guide

We understand that for some online payments and donations are almost second nature. For others it is a new concept. This guide will answer a few of the common questions about online giving and provide a brief tutorial of the process. 


Q: Will my personal information be protected if I give online? Do I need to worry about identity theft if I give online?
A: One of the reasons we have selected EasyTithe is because we believe they have excellent security features in place to protect your personal information. One of the most important aspects of these security features is that no one at Perry First Assembly can view your debit card or bank information. This is important because it means all of your sensitive personal information is kept on the secure servers at EasyTithe. Keeping the information on their servers makes the process very secure and safe for our congregation.

Q: Can I claim donations I make through EasyTithe on my taxes as donations to First Assembly?
A: Your donations to First Assembly through EasyTithe will count on your taxes as donations to First Assembly. First Assembly pays the processing fees for this service so that you may claim the full amount of your donations on your tax return. You will still receive a yearly summary of your donations, online and physical, from First Assembly once a year. However, at any time you may log into EasyTithe through our website and see your online giving history. 

step-by-step guide

  1. Go to our secure EasyTithe site by clicking the link on our Giving page or by clicking here
  2. If you have already created a user account with First Assembly enter the email address and password you chose during registration to log in and proceed to step 5. 
  3. If this is your first time using EasyTithe, click "First Time? New User Registration" at the top left of the page. 
  4. Enter in your information in the form provided. Make sure you write down the email address and password you use. When you have entered all the information click the "Submit" button. 
  5. Now that you are logged in you may select one of three options from the left side of the page, "Give Now," "Scheduled Giving," and "My Account."
  6. "Give Now" will allow you to make a one time donation to First Assembly. Enter the amount you would like to give and which fund/s you would like to donate to. Then enter your card information and your billing address. When you click "Submit" you will make a donation to First Assembly for the amount you have entered at the top of the page. 
    1. Example: Lucy would like to make a donation of $100 to First Assembly's missions fund. She clicks the "giving" link on First Assembly's website and logs onto EasyTithe. Lucy enters $100 for the "amount" section and selects "Missions Fund" from the "To" drop down menu. She then enters her card information and billing address. When Lucy clicks "Submit" she will make a donation of $100 to the missions fund and receive a receipt in her email inbox. 
  7. "Scheduled Giving" allows you to set up a repeating donation to First Assembly. Select the fund which you would like to make the repeating donation to, the frequency of payment, and the amount you would like to donate with each payment. Then enter your card information and billing information and click "activate schedule." You will now make an automatic donation according to the frequency and amount you have selected.
    1. Example: Peter never has cash when he is in service and so he would like to setup his tithing through EasyTithe. Peter would like to give $20 to the church every Sunday for his tithes and offerings. Peter logs onto EasyTithe and sets up a giving schedule. He sets his Frequency to "Every Sunday" and his Amount to $20 and then enters his card information and billing address. Once he clicks "Activate Schedule" Easy Tithe will make an automatic donation for him every Sunday for $20 until Peter logs in and deactivates or deletes his giving schedule. Peter will receive a receipt in his email inbox for each donation.
  8. "My Account" lets you view all of the donations you have made to First Assembly through EasyTithe. You can event print out this history for your personal records. 
    1. Example: Edmond is a wise steward of his money and likes to keep track of his donations. Edmond logs into EasyTithe to check his giving history.  He logs into EasyTithe and selects "My Account." There he sees a complete list of all the donations he has made electronically to First Assembly using EasyTithe. He has made several donations to First Assembly over the past month and he enters the figure into his quicken records. He also prints out a report and  Edmond later discusses the discrepancy with his wife, Susan, and discovers Susan made a few extra purchases