What is the Church?

The Church consists of anyone and everyone who believes and trusts Jesus Christ. People from every time, nation and race are part of the Church. When we believe in Christ we join a community of believers, a new family. This is one of the greatest gifts God gives to Christians, that even if we might lose friends and even family because we chose to follow Christ we will gain new friends and even new family in the community of believers known as the Church. 

What is a Church Service?

From the very beginning Christians have realized that Christ's resurrection from the dead changed everything. Nothing could be the same after death itself was defeated. So Christians began meeting every Sunday, the day Christ rose from the dead, to commemorate that event. Even now, when we meet together 2000 years later, we commemorate that the world changed forever on that Sunday morning.

But Christians gather together to do more than just remember the victory of Jesus over death. Christ did not call only people who are already perfect. Instead he called people who are often broken and hurting. In short, he called people to himself who need healing and comfort. By gathering together, sharing our triumphs and failures, teaching one another, helping one another, rejoicing and mourning with one another, we become a family of believers and experience the healing and comfort that comes from being part of a family. 

And we want to share what Jesus has given us with others. We want everyone to have what we have, the joy of being loved unconditionally. So we also meet together so we can pool our resources and talents so we can tell people the wondrous story of Christ and to perform acts of service for those in our community who need it most. 

Who can attend our services?

Our services are open to anyone interested in attending them. Whether you are an old saint, a new believer, a questioning soul, or just someone needing to get out of the rain for a bit we will welcome you with open arms. Come as you are, whether that means a suit and tie or shorts and sandals. In addition we practice open communion, which means anyone who is a Christian may take communion with us whether they are a member of our church or not. 

Sunday School

Many of the good things we experience as Christians comes from knowing the Bible well. Knowing the Bible well helps us because it builds our trust and belief in God and in Jesus. Knowing the Bible well also helps us by confronting us when our actions do not match what we say we believe, helping us live true and honest lives.

At Perry First Assembly we have Sunday School groups for ages 5+ and a nursery service for children younger than 5. All Sunday School groups start at 10:00 a.m. and require nothing but attentiveness, though a Bible and note taking material is helpful. 

Seniors and Middle Adults meet in the main sanctuary. 

Young Adults and Teens each have their own group and both groups meet in different rooms in the Barn (the red building behind the Church). 

Children who are between 5 and 12 meet in the fellowship hall (enter through the main sanctuary). 

Children and Youth Groups

First assembly has a variety of groups and activities available for children and youth. Groups for ages 5-18 meet Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m. In addition, nursery service is provided during all worship services.